Sorry, we will not be taking orders for
pre-picked berries this year. 

No time to come out to our farm and pick your own berries? Bad knees? Company on the way? No problem! We would love to pick your berries for you!

Your berries will be hand picked the morning you plan to pick them up, so we encourage you to call a day or two ahead so that your berries will be ready when you arrive.

We sell pre-picked strawberries by the quart or by the pound. Raspberries are sold by the pint. No order is to small, or too large!

Remember, the seasons are short so order often to make sure you enjoy this treat while it lasts!

Strawberries and raspberries freeze well. So remember to order enough so you and your family can enjoy this summer fruit all winter long!

To place your order call:
507-641-6655 or Toll Free 888-785-6655.

"I used to love picking berries with my family, but I just can't do it anymore. I am so glad I can still get home grown strawberries in the summer. There's just nothing better!" -Ella